My philosophy


Life's more fun when you feel glorious...

Those 'good hair days', the ones when you like the way you look & feel, put a spring in your step.
You feel happier, more alive, more positive.
You get more done and enjoy life more.

We've all got dreams and goals –  and things we'd love to do and experience in life.
But we can get bogged down,  running around getting stuff done - and days and weeks can go by feeling exhausted and overwhelmed – feeling like we're on a hamster wheel and getting nowhere.

Good health is key to living a really full life - to be able to embrace opportunities and experiences, rather than letting them pass you by because you're to tired or feel too fat.

Feel glorious isn't about perfection. Far from it. 
Nor is it about being skinny.

It's about feeling full of life. 
So you can do more.
Be more.
And enjoy more in your life.



My approach


Small steps.
Big changes.

Small steps, taken every single day, can lead to phenomenal changes in your life.

However, no one set of changes work for everybody. We are all too different, in age, in lifestyle and in preferences.
So to make change possible, and to make it last, we need to explore a little, to uncover what is really true for you, so we can create a plan that really works - and that is going to be different for everybody. 

We'll work together in three phases:


1. Exploring

Explore what you want for your health. And what you don't want. What you love. And what you don't like. Uncover what works in your life and in your body – and what doesn't. 


2. Creating

Create a plan for feeling more glorious - one that's unique to you.




3. Doing, enjoying

Implement the plan, in small steps.
Check in on what is working and what isn't.
Making sure i'e enjoyable.
Adjust as necessary.
Repeat stages 1, 2, 3 to transform!