Emotional rescue - part 2


Activity audit 

For a week write down every activity you undertake and for how long.
Then review each one - is it a passion, a necessity, an obligation?
Assess whether it can it be deleted, downsized or delegated?
Or whether it needs to be addressed in a different way (see below)

Wheel of life

Divide a circle into 12 segments, each containing a key element of your life (for example, work, home, money, health, friends, love, spirituality, community etc). Place a dot on the line marking how satisfied you are with each area of your life. A dot placed close to the centre of the circle indicates dissatisfaction, while a dot placed on the periphery indicates ultimate happiness. Then connect the dots to see your circle of life. 

Ideally you want a nice smooth circle. For most people this shows a very wonky wheel - but provides a great visual picture of where your life might be unbalanced and the areas you may wish to spend more time and energy on to create more balance and joy in your life.

Vision quest / passion map

These are good when you create an actual page or poster, including a mixture of words, images, songs, inspirations:

– What do I love, what am I really good at?
– What do I want, dream of? What were my childhood passions and dreams?
– When was I most happy and fulfilled?
– What was going on in my life then? How was it different? What were my ambitions?
– Who do I love, admire, would like to emulate?

Build up a picture of the life you want and the person you really want to be.
Then check your current activities and relationships and see how they fit and which ones need to be reviewed and resolved in some way.

HealthJules Anderson