Spring greens omelette


You will need:
– 2 eggs
– quarter of a courgette
– a handful of frozen peas
– handful of spinach, rocket or pea shoots
– 1-2 tablespoons soft goats cheese
– some chopped fresh herbs – I love basil and/or chives

Whisk up the eggs in a small bowl, with some salt & pepper
Pour some boiling water over the peas to soften
Finely slice the courgette and sauce gently in a little butter or olive oil
Add the greens – stir for 30 secs, they will wilt quickly – and tip these onto a plate
Add the eggs to the pan and swirl around to cook evenly
Once the eggs have just cooked through, tip the greens back in and spread around
Crumble over the cheese and add the herbs
Fold over and tip onto a plate