Principles of Glorious

We are all individual, and different things work better for different people and different lifestyles and stages of life, so my approach is not about strict rules and regimes. However, I do have some guiding principles to the Feel Glorious approach to health:


PRINCIPLE 3. Keep it real: Quality over quantity

I am a big fan of food. And I love to eat. I am by no means a purist, but the majority of the time I would much rather eat real, fresh food. 

Once you get into the habit of choosing fresh, quality ingredients, you will find you lose your taste for the more highly flavoured, processed options – as they so often have a bizarre texture (or lack of) and they just taste a bit fake. And, both nutritionally and emotionally, they won’t leave you feeling satisfied.

I’m a busy working mother – so I’m all for keeping it really simple. There are lots of ways to create delicious meals from scratch that don’t mean spending ages in the kitchen after a busy day at work. And lots of really quick cheats that can save time and / or add some extra zing to very basic recipes.

We all have different living situations. However, wherever possible, please do buy the best you can afford. You will find you need less of it, you will feel less hungry and you will enjoy it far more. 

And – oh yes – it’s better for you!  😊

Life's too short to not enjoy our food. We eat three times a day – why not make it more of a pleasure!



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