Principles of Glorious

We are all individual, and different things work better for different people and different lifestyles and stages of life, so my approach is not about strict rules and regimes. However, I do have some guiding principles to the Feel Glorious approach to health:


PRINCIPLE 1. Eat what you love

And love what you eat.

Science and research is increasingly showing the link between enjoyment of our food and ease  & efficiency of metabolism. So you will digest far better when you are actually enjoying and savouring what you’re eating. And if you are metabolising properly, you’ll not only avoid digestive discomfort, but your body will be efficiently utilising the food you eat, not storing it as fat.

I also firmly believe that there is a point where self discipline can turn to self-abuse – a constant need to fix or perfect ourselves – that is particularly prevalent in women and can be so damaging to our self esteem. So don’t punish yourself further by eating things you don’t like just because they are considered “healthy”.

So, whilst I’m definitely not advocating scarfing down a whole packet of chocolate digestives, I am saying find and eat the foods you actually enjoy, not just the lettuce and cottage cheese because you think it’s healthy.

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I hope you enjoy it and take away some habits that become part of your life.
Jules x


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