If you would like some personalised support, I offer individual coaching and a selection of one to one programmes, to suit your time and budget. 


Glorious health for life


12 sessions | 12 weeks

No one size fits all. My 12 week programme is therefore tailored specifically to your own personal needs, goals, lifestyle and to the things you love. You will get weekly check-ins with me, in person or via Skype/phone, to discuss your progress and keep you on track. Plus recipes, worksheets and health guides to support you daily. You will emerge feeling revitalised and truly glorious.

Jumpstart to Glorious


3 sessions | 3 weeks

If you’re ready to change, but not sure yet about the full programme, the jumpstart programme can give you the inspiration, motivation and guidance to get going.
The first few weeks of any change, particularly when it involved food, tends to be the most challenging. The extra support from this quick start programme can help to get you started in a way that is sustainable and avoid any reverting to old habits. It will help you to feel results more quickly and inspire you to make the long term changes that will help you feel glorious.

Corporate wellness


Talks, workshops & coaching for businesses