Healthy, happy professionals. Better for Business.


Research continues to show conclusively that a healthy, happy team of employees can bring multiple benefits to businesses, including:

– Enhanced productivity 
– Reduced absence
– Increased creativity & innovation  
– Improved culture & morale
– Talent retention

Many of the most forward looking companies are experiencing the many benefits of corporate wellness programmes.


Are you sacrificing company performance because your team are not feeling their best?

Sadly, the research is also indicating that the majority of our workforce are not feeling - or performing - at their best

– 75% of UK adults are struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, ill health, overwhelm & exhaustion

– And over 30 days per employee per year are lost to absence and underperformance as a result

But also

– £1 invested in employee wellbeing brings a £3 return in improved efficiency & productivity (Sheffield Hallam University, 2015) 


I can help you to support your employees to become  healthier & happier, so they perform better.

Healthier bodies

– Increased energy & vitality
– Enhanced immunity
– Fewer aches & pains
– Improved overall health, reduced risk of chronic illness

Sharper brains

– More clarity & focus, less brain fog
– Mental acuity, better decisions

Enhanced morale

– Less stress & anxiety 
– Increased satisfaction, fulfilment & team morale

Talks. Workshops. Coaching.


Getting started

I can offer a range of introductory products and services to give you and your teams a taste of the benefits of a healthier working life, including

Office detox: A review and assessment of your office environment and how it might be affecting health & performance and recommendations for simple steps for improvement.

Lunch & learn talks: Introductory talks on key aspects of healthy eating and habits at work that can enhance or undermine health & wellness.

Food diary assessment: Individual, confidential, personalised review & assessment of one weeks eating habits, with written report & recommendations for improvements.


Talks & workshops

I offer a number of standalone talks and group workshops, or can discuss with you more bespoke options, tailored specifically to the needs of your team, including:

Eating for better performance: The foods and habits that can undermine or improve our focus, concentration and performance at work.

Food & mental health: How food can help ease anxiety & overwhelm and support mental health.

Sugar & energy: The effects of sugar on health, energy & productivity – and how to reset your sweet tooth and reduce cravings.

Food for thought: Eating for better concentration, focus, memory and decision-making.

Food & mood: Eating to reduce stress, blood sugar imbalances, mood swings, anxiety, low energy and fatigue.

Healthy at any age: Boosting immunity, preventing longer term health issues and creating  a healthy future.

Healthy in a hurry: Simple healthy eating tips for busy working lives.

Desk health: Posture, food, and desk habits to improve health.

Travel healthy: How travelling with work can derail us, how to incorporate healthy habits and make the most of trips away.

Healthy habits: Common habits that can cause poor health, how to make better food & lifestyle choices at work, at home, out & about. 



If any of your team would like more in depth review and support with their health, I can offer personalised health programmes tailored specifically to their needs.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can enhance the wellbeing and performance of your team, do please contact me to arrange an initial free no-obligation consultation.