Programme Outline


Rediscovering Glorious

Create a more youthful body and zest for life


12 Sessions
12 weeks    

Why it’s different & why it works

  • Bespoke personalised, rather than one size fits all 
  • Recommendations all based around your personal preferences and lifestyle - so they are realistic, achievable and sustainable
  • Includes recommendations on habits and lifestyle, to enhance changes to diet
  • Longer term approach (6 week programme) allows you to progress step by step - more gradual change are more likely to stick

What we’ll do together


  • Complete a short health history questionnaire and keep a food diary for one week

Intro Assessment: 1 hour

  • Run through your health history, why you want to do this, and what specifically you want to achieve
  • Discuss any possible barriers 
  • Make initial recommendations on approach 

10x Consultations: 40 mins

  • Review changes you have made and how you are feeling
  • Assess what is working well and what remains challenging
  • Add some new food recommendations and daily practices
  • Additional lifestyle recommendations & bonus material to support dietary changes

Long Term Planning: 40 mins

  • Review the past 6 weeks, successes, challenges and how you are feeling
  • Create a personalised health blueprint for longer term


  • Welcome pack
  • Workbook 
  • Recipes, food checklists, shopping lists, resources

At the end

  • Clear picture of what’s not helping your health - food and habits
  • Recommendations for food changes and habits that will support your goals
  • Personalised written health blueprint for going forward